The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefit is a funding from the VA to help with long term care for war time veterans and their spouses who are 65 and older. Although Aid and Attendance is “needs and income based” many families qualify due to their large reoccurring medical expenses. Do not be discouraged if you feel you do not precisely fit within the qualifying parameters. Call us today for a friendly conversation to learn more about this benefit. Do not wait until options are limited due to declining health and financial constraints.

At 5Star HomeCare, our specialists evaluate and interview each individual to determine pre-qualifying factors and perform the claim submission process for you.

Here are some basic qualifying information:

1. War time Veteran and Spouse

  • Your needs do not have to be service-connected
  • Minimum of 24 hours of service qualifies
  • You do not have to be retired from the military
  • You did not have to be overseas or in combat
  • Your veteran spouse did not have to pass-away while in the service
  • Spouse is not/was not divorced from veteran
  • Spouse has not remarried since passing of veteran      

2. Physical or mental incapacity to perform activities without assistance from another person

  • Unable to attend to Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Bedridden or homebound
  • Blind or severely visually impaired
  • Requires protective environment due to cognitive impairment

3. Reoccurring medical and care costs deduction included but not limited to the following

  • Independent Living / non-assisted facility does not qualify
  • Assisted Care Facility and Adult Home cost qualifies
  • Home Care Caregiver cost in private homes and care facilities qualifies
  • Medicare Payments
  • Supplementary Insurance Payments
  • LTC Insurance Payments
  • Reoccurring Co-pays to Doctors and Clinics
  • Out of pocket Medication co-pays
  • Prescription Supplies
  • Special Hygiene Supplies
  • Incidental Care Supplies
  • ETC.

4.  Countable Assets under $80,000.00; countable assets do not include home, auto, and personal belongings.

Give us a call and let our 5Star HomeCare's Veteran Consultants answer your questions, pre-qualify you, and navigate you through this process to help minimize inaccuracies and stretch your money to lessen financial strain for your Long Term Care needs. We will come to your home to help you complete your claim forms.

Veterans Aid & Attendance

Are you aware that you, your parents, or someone you know may qualify for tax free assistance for Home Care through the VA? All too often the qualified Veterans and their spouses are not aware of this entitlement and can miss out on up to $12,000.00 to $20,000.00 annually to help fund their Long Term Care needs.


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