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Quality Full Housekeeping & Personal Care | Portland, OR

For seniors who are resistant to home care, we find housekeeping services are always a welcome way to ease into accepting a caregiver into the home. We take housekeeping seriously! At 5Star HomeCare, we provide complete housekeeping services. We believe housekeeping and disinfecting is critical in keeping the home clean and safe for our clients. 

We do not require a first time complete home go-over; we will work through a period of time to get your residence into SHIP-SHAPE!.
We meticulously clean every room in your home, floor to ceiling and those obnoxious cob webs that appear in the nooks and crannies. We will completely sanitize your bathroom and kitchen, dust and wipe down your furniture, lights, baseboard, and more. We will do your laundry and iron, plus shampoo your carpets, and provide major appliance cleaning; and we don’t stop there. If you want us to help you organize your cupboards, pantry, closets, drawers, and papers, we are here to help you clean, organize, AND we are even known to do windows!

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